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Our company's spirit of philanthropy led to the establishment of the Lincoln Financial Foundation in 1962, and it has inspired a rich tradition of giving ever since.

Today, Lincoln Financial is committed to making charitable contributions in the communities where we maintain a strong business presence. Through the Lincoln Foundation and our corporate giving, we annually donate approximately $10 million to grantees in our communities.

In 2013, we helped transform lives through these annual grants by making the following impact:

2.8 million youth

served by education programs

2.4 million individuals

served by education programs

3.2 million opportunities

for access to the arts and arts education

3 million opportunities

for job training

We focus our philanthropic efforts in four strategic areas:

  1. Youth Education
  2. Human Services
  3. Economic/Workforce Development
  4. The Arts
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Our deep connection to our communities is further reflected in how we select our grantees. By establishing local Charitable Contribution Committees in our primary business locations, we empower our employees to review grant proposals, make site visits and award grants to the nonprofit organizations that they believe will make an enduring impact on their communities.

These communities include:

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Lincoln Foundation Supports Youth Education

According to McKinsey and Company, the current achievement gap in the United States imposes the economic equivalent of a permanent national recession. Data from the U.S. Department of Education indicates that high-school drop-outs make nearly $8,000 per year less than those with a high school diploma.

Over a lifetime and across the nation, this represents billions in lost wages and spending power.

This is why Lincoln is committed to supporting programs that promote life-long learning with an emphasis on financial literacy and improving student achievement. By helping provide a strong educational foundation for students, we hope to help improve the graduation rates across the country.

Lincoln Foundation Supports Human Services

In 2009, 23 percent of all children lived in households that were classified as food insecure, according to the Economic Research Service, USDA. For many minority populations that percentage was as high as 51 percent.

We understand that until a person's basic needs are met, he or she cannot focus on education or finding sustained employment. This is why Lincoln is a strong supporter of initiatives aimed at ensuring all individuals have the ability to meet their basic needs for food, housing, and independent living.

By helping fulfill these basic needs, Lincoln hopes to place the most vulnerable populations in a position where they can begin to build better lives through education and job training.

Lincoln Foundation Supports Economic/Workforce Development

According to the Family Economic Success Report, the earnings gap between more educated workers and those with a high school diploma or less is growing. The number of jobs that do not pay family-sustaining wages or provide health benefits is also increasing.

Lincoln believes that strong and vibrant communities can ensure a high quality of life for individuals and families. The first step toward building these vibrant communities is adult education and job skills training, which is why we support organizations that provide these critical programs.

Through our focus on workforce and economic development, we hope to build up and sustain the local economies in our major business locations, thereby raising the quality of life in those areas.

Lincoln Foundation Supports the Arts

Arts education has a measurable impact on at-risk youth in deterring delinquent behavior and truancy problems, while also increasing overall academic performance, according to data from the U.S. Department of Justice and National Endowment for the Arts.

Lincoln is committed to increasing access to the arts for individuals of all ages, economic situations, abilities and ethnicities. The arts can have a powerful, positive impact, and by providing opportunities for people to tap into their creative talents, we can build relationships that help raise the quality of life in our communities.

This is why we support organizations that fill the gaps where economic challenges have resulted in cuts to arts education in our schools. By supporting arts education among students, we also can help increase the opportunities available to the youth in our communities.

We believe that arts education and access to cultural activities has tremendous benefits for our communities and our business, spurring the creative economy and fostering economic development.

Lincoln Foundation Supports the United Way

Lincoln Financial Group has a longstanding tradition of supporting United Way organizations in the communities where its employees work. Each year, our United Way allocations provide support to agencies in our communities. In addition, we hold a workplace United Way campaign every autumn to encourage employee support for this organization.

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