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This document is dated November 9, 2010. It may not be accurate after such date and LNC does not undertake to update or keep it accurate after such date.

Lincoln Financial Group Supports Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Lincoln MoneyGuard® Reserve Helps Fund Long-Term Care Expenses

PHILADELPHIA, November 9, 2010 — To help raise public awareness of the need for long-term care expense planning, Lincoln Financial Group is supporting Long-Term Care Awareness Month for the month of November.

"We're committed to raising awareness and helping educate Americans about the importance of planning for potential long-term care expenses a basic requirement of any financial plan," said Mark Konen, President, Insurance & Retirement Solutions. "Lincoln wants to ensure families have access to the financial protection they need to help them handle a long-term care event and its subsequent expenses."

Approximately 70% of Americans currently age 65 or older will need some type of long-term care.1 Additionally, the financial hardship can be extreme on a family that needs to put loved ones in a nursing home, assisted living facility or to get the necessary home health care help. Consider the national average costs of long-term care in 20102:

  • Assisted living costs: $3,369 per month, or $40,428 per year.
  • Nursing home, semiprivate room: $195 per day or $71,175 per year.
  • Private room: $216 per day, or $78,840 per year.
  • Home health aide: $20.27 per hour.

Families usually consider nursing homes or assisted living residences once the need for personal care and supervision becomes more than can be provided at home. However, at this point, family caregivers may already be physically, emotionally, and financially drained by providing constant care and supervision for a loved one with a debilitating disease. Additionally, many caregiver families put their own retirement savings on hold in an attempt to cover expenses for the loved one.

"Financial advisors can help each family's generation prepare for a solid financial future," said Michael Burns, Senior Vice President, Individual Life Product Management. "Understanding the risks of long-term care expenses and learning about funding solutions are vital. Planning ahead can help protect wealth, retirement security, and estate assets from the potential risk of exposure to long-term care costs."

"Linked benefit offerings can provide a powerful way to maximize assets and help people accomplish more with their existing resources," added Konen. "Financial advisors can assist families with planning for long-term care expenses as an integral part of an overall plan of financial protection with solutions like Lincoln MoneyGuard® Reserve."

Advisors can share their knowledge about long-term care with their clients by sending them to Lincoln Financial's site, MyConfidentFuture.com. The long-term care pages on this website help clients see why preparing for long-term care is an important component of their overall financial strategy. This powerful business tool helps advisors and their clients:

  • Learn about long-term care statistics, information and causes.
  • Compare the costs of caregiving around the U.S.
  • Calculate future long-term care costs.
  • See the current issues surrounding long-term care.

Advisors can logon to MyConfidentFuture.com/longtermcare during client meetings or forward a link to clients and schedule a meeting.

1DHHS, 2008. Statistics taken from www.longtermcare.gov. Administration on Aging: 202 619-0724.
2LifePlans Long-Term Care Market Summary: Cost of Care Update 2010; www.LincolnFinancial.com; Research and Analysis; October 1, 2010. For a printed copy of the report, call 877 ASK-LINCOLN.

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