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This document is dated November 15, 2010. It may not be accurate after such date and LNC does not undertake to update or keep it accurate after such date.

Lincoln National Corporation To Redeem All 6.75% Series F Trust Preferred Securities

PHILADELPHIA, November 15, 2010 — Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE: LNC) today announced that it has called for the redemption of all $150 million in outstanding 6.75% Series F Trust Preferred Securities ("Series F TRuPS") issued by Lincoln National Capital VI (CUSIP 53404M 20 1) and guaranteed by Lincoln.

The Series F TRuPS will be redeemed at a price of $25 per security, plus any accrued and unpaid distributions for the period up to but excluding the redemption date. The redemption date is December 15, 2010.

The Series F TRuPS were issued on September 11, 2003 and were redeemable at Lincoln‚??s option on or after September 11, 2008. Holders of Series F TRuPS will receive official notice of the redemption by mail. The paying agent for the redemption of the Series F TRuPS is the Bank of New York Mellon. Holders of the Series F TRuPS may call the Bond Holder Relations Department of the Bank of New York Mellon at (800) 254-2826.

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Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE:LNC) and its affiliates. With headquarters in the Philadelphia region, the companies of Lincoln Financial Group had assets under management of $150 billion as of September 30, 2010. Through its affiliated companies, Lincoln Financial Group offers: annuities; life, group life and disability insurance; 401(k) and 403(b) plans; savings plans; and comprehensive financial planning and advisory services. For more information, including a copy of our most recent SEC reports containing our balance sheets, please visit www.LincolnFinancial.com.



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