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Fixed Indexed Annuities - at a glance

Fixed indexed annuities from Lincoln offer a stable return based on a fixed interest rate or tied to the performance of an outside index, or some combination of these choices. Fixed annuities are long-term retirement savings vehicles offering:

  • Principal protection
  • Tax-deferral
  • A fixed account offering a guaranteed interest rate
  • Indexed accounts offering an indexed interest rate based on the performance of an outside index
  • Access to account values
  • A death benefit for your beneficiary
  • The ability to annuitize the contract, providing a lifetime income

Lincoln offers both single premium and flexible premium fixed indexed annuities, with fixed interest rates guaranteed for varying time periods, and different methods for determining indexed interest earnings. A fixed indexed annuity provides a guaranteed minimum return for retirement savings, and the potential for additional earnings as determined by changes in an outside index. A fixed indexed annuity contract from Lincoln can help meet future retirement income objectives.

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