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Account Aggregation Brokerage Services eVault Lincoln Affiliated Companies
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Account Aggregation


Account Aggregation is a service provided through Lincoln Financial Advisors which aggregates non-Lincoln accounts to form a comprehensive "picture" of all of the accounts that you select for inclusion. This is done seamlessly and securely as we have partnered with a service that maintains ongoing relationships with thousands of financial institutions to assure that the data garnered is as complete as it can be. Further, the data that you choose to share with your financial planner can then be used to create and maintain a more comprehensive financial, business owner or estate plan.

We invite you to make use of this service as Lincoln Financial Advisors is committed to providing the highest quality services and tools to our clients. If you do not have a login, please contact your Lincoln Financial Advisors representative so that an account can be created on your behalf.

For information on how to sign up for Account Aggregation Services, please contact your Planner.

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