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Account Aggregation Brokerage Services eVault Lincoln Affiliated Companies


My Accounts

Through this section of the website will help you gain information about your accounts through Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA) as well as learn how to access many of the services we offer including:



  • Account Aggregation is a service provided through LFA which aggregates non-Lincoln accounts to form a comprehensive "picture" of all of the accounts that you select for inclusion.
  • When you open a brokerage account at LFA, you have the benefit of a number of services offered through our Brokerage Services.
  • LFA offers a secure, online, collaboration service called eVault. This service allows your advisor to collaborate efficiently with you and provides secure, anytime access to your financial information.
  • Through our partnership with Lincoln Affiliated Companies, we provide you direct, online, access to your life insurance and annuity accounts.




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