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ADV 2A and Asset Management Program Disclosure Brochures


Our goal is to provide comprehensive financial planning and superior products and services irrespective of the potential compensation differential that frequently exists in the pricing of financial products and services. We regularly monitor all products and services offered through LFA to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards. LFA promotes the use of an open architecture platform for the implementation of recommendations made in the financial planning process. This means that LFA planners have access to a broad spectrum of financial products, including customized asset management programs, over 3000 mutual funds, 50 separate account managers and industry-leading insurance and annuity providers, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

LFA planners may act as agents of the companies whose products they sell, and may provide services to you on their behalf. Planners may be compensated by LFA and/or the product manufacturer via commissions, asset-based fees, and/or other compensation, which may be built into the costs and charges of the product.

In some cases, planners receive more compensation when placing Lincoln Financial Group manufactured products, and may qualify for additional compensation based on the volume of those sales over time. Planners are also eligible for additional compensation and/or other incentives based on factors such as sales volume of certain Lincoln products, the length of time that clients keep assets in the products, and/or the profitability of the products. They may also receive compensation based on the sales of Lincoln products by other agents.

Planners also have the option to participate in benefit programs whose costs are partially reimbursed by Lincoln affiliates, and/or which are based on sales volume of Lincoln products. LFA-affiliated companies may also benefit financially from the sale of proprietary life insurance, annuity, mutual fund and asset management products offered by our planners.

In addition, some experienced new planners transitioning their practices to LFA have been offered loans in anticipation of future sales of products and services offered by LFA, including both Lincoln Financial Group and non- Lincoln Financial Group products and services. Some loans have been offered in anticipation of future sales of Lincoln Financial Group products alone. The repayment of these loans may be wholly or partially waived based on the attainment of certain sales levels.

Depending on which product and/or service you purchase, you may also receive additional materials, which disclose important information, such as product prospectuses, applications, and disclosure brochures.


LFA has relationships with both affiliated and non-affiliated companies that may provide additional revenue and marketing support to our firm as well as education and training to our planners for the sale of various mutual fund, annuity, life insurance and alternative investment products, advisory platforms, and other investment products. Such revenue and marketing support does not affect the compensation to any LFA planner or manager. For current information regarding specific revenue and marketing support, including a list of product sponsors, review the disclosures on this website.

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