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Investment Solutions

Three leading Web platforms give you an edge when it comes to developing effective investment strategies for your clients, as well as thorough portfolio recommendations.

LincSolutions® Wealth Management Platform

With a combination of cutting-edge technology and complex investment tools and products, this Web-based tool improves the financial planning process, as well as your ability to create more effective implementation strategies. Plus, you can use it anytime, anywhere. The LincSolutions platform features:

  • Account Aggregation
    Provides dynamic reporting on your clients' portfolios, such as asset allocation, transactions and holding.
  • Enhanced Planning Tools
    Allows you to analyze your clients' financial risks and evaluate if they will achieve their goals based on their existing portfolio.
  • Implementation Design
    Allows you to specify asset location to help improve the tax efficiency of your clients' portfolios, using built-in proprietary and third-party manager research.
  • Managed Account Program
    This component focuses on implementation, with a variety of choices of investment vehicles to help your clients achieve their goals.

Account Aggregation

Client data, both personal and account-related, is the most valuable information you'll be charged with, and effectively gathering it is vital to the success of your business. Our Account Aggregation tools make it easy to compile, store and evaluate your clients' account and insurance information.

  • Inside Account Aggregation Tool
    Compiles client investment and insurance account data — including transaction data from outside institutions — into one consolidated database, allowing you to provide dynamic reports.
  • Outside Account Aggregation Tool
    Gathers information about client assets that are not held by the Lincoln Financial Network, giving you a complete picture of your clients' portfolios without wasting time and expense inputting the data.
  • Asset Classification
    A leader in accurate and quality asset classification data, Standard & Poor's ® data is combined with the classification schema to provide client reports.
  • Planner Online Reporting Tool
    Produce multiple views of your book of business and your clients' holdings with this convenient, online tool. This particular tool can help you access and analyze your clients' account, holdings, and transactions, as well as categories of investments they do not have — leading to a more efficient planning process, increased advisor productivity, and strengthened client relationships.

Brokerage Solutions

Our tools provide both you and your clients with convenient account access.

  • Streetscape®
    Our brokerage technology platform for representatives that clear their trades through National Financial Services integrates trading and service functionality with customer information and risk management tools. Take advantage of a single point of access to real-time market data, news, and third-party research — virtually anytime, anywhere. Streetscape lets you:
    • Search accounts using a variety of criteria; access real-time positions, balances, and transaction history; develop sound tax strategies with cost basis and gain/loss information on accounts; and access customer statements and tax documents online.
    • Access a range of reports via an online library that can help identify potential risk and opportunities related to customer accounts. Use an online performance reporting tool to create customized reports with flexible features and distribution options.
    • With a single click, submit orders for equities, mutual funds, fixed income, and options while simultaneously viewing market movements. Investment representatives can quickly and easily monitor all orders and trades in their book of business using Order Manager. In addition, an activity blotter is available to enhance your supervision of sales by branch management personnel and a hypothetical trade calculator helps manage risk associated with margin.
    • Manage and rebalance portfolios or support a proprietary wrap program efficiently with Advisor CHANNEL ®, our integrated analysis, trading, and reporting system. Structure your fee-based programs to fit your firm's requirements using feeEngine ®.
    • Create customized reports with flexible features and distribution options.
    • Make timely, informed decisions for customers with real-time, third-party quotes, news, charts, company profiles, economic events, and market commentary. There are four levels of service, with an additional market data package option available through Reuters, offering enhanced content with robust analytic capabilities.
    • Get easy access to in-depth investment information from third-party providers at preferred pricing. Thousands of third-party reports, analyses, market data, commentary, and comparative tools are available from names like Lehman Brothers, Standard & Poor's ®, Argus, and Morningstar ®. An intuitive format allows investment representatives to define their customers' goals and help solve portfolio problems using charting, analytics, and stock screening tools.
    • Perform service functions online, including account transfers and money movements, such as check requests and Premiere Select ® one-time retirement distribution requests. Link customer accounts through consolidated statement householding. Service the delivery of restricted stock to customers' accounts efficiently.
    • Stay up to date on enhancements to our products and services, new offerings, operational updates, regulatory issues, and important changes to our platform through regular online communications. Access our online business-building solutions via PracticeAdvantage ®, which offers discounts on a wide range of services.
  • MyStreetscape®
    MyStreetscape ® allows clients to view their account balances, positions and cost basis information, market values, transaction history and trade order status through a secure, password-protected internet site. They can also access account statements, tax documents and trade confirmations, and download their account information into programs such as Quicken ®.

    myStreetscape Brochure (BD10377)
    myStreetscape Overview
  • To enhance the security of client account access, the client's PIN will need to be reset at a minimum of every 90 days. The client will receive a Login Warning message five days prior to the 90-day PIN expiration date. If the client's PIN expires before it can be changed, or the PIN is forgotten, clients may use the "Forgotten/Reset My PIN" link below at any time or call 800 237-3813, press * and Option 2 during business hours to have it reactivated.

Lincoln Financial Network is the marketing name for Lincoln Financial Securities Corp. and Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., both members of FINRA and SIPC and affiliates of Lincoln Financial Group.

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