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The communities where we live and work are an important part of who we are as a company. Our diversity and inclusion strategy means that we are accessible, relevant and beneficial in all communities. We believe that community involvement means being a partner, being engaged, and being consistent.

Being a Partner

We value working together, supporting mutual goals and developing our local community's ability to advance professionally and civically. We believe in providing support to organizations to live their mission and to empower individuals to achieve their personal goals. Being a partner also means finding ways to develop untapped pools of talent, while deepening our understanding of the diversity of needs in the marketplace. Learn more about Lincoln's partnership to empower and support women in our community and our industry.

Being Engaged

We believe in both contributing to and learning from our communities in order to make a difference. Lincoln's commitment to philanthropy is reflected by our matching gift program, foundation grants and by the hundreds of employees who give back through volunteer service. As subject matter experts and learners themselves, Lincoln's teams engage with tomorrow's leaders to provide the knowledge and resources necessary to leave a financial, professional and educational legacy for generations to come. Lincoln is also committed to learning more about and providing for the traditions that shape the needs of these communities of which we're proud to be a part. Learn more about the ways in which Lincoln is engaged in advancing multicultural communities.

Being Consistent

We are committed to supporting those organizations that respect and encourage diversity and inclusion, adhere to nondiscriminatory practices and advance the effort for equality. As a matter of policy, Lincoln participates in community development and philanthropic giving to organizations with a demonstrated commitment to inclusion, a commitment that includes having diversity on the organization's Board of Directors. Lincoln takes an unwavering stand in our corporate dedication to enabling all communities to be successful. Learn more about Lincoln's efforts to progress support for those who have served our country, for the members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and for people who have special needs.

Lincoln's diversity and inclusion strategy is a commitment to a more confident future for all of the communities we serve. Learn more about all of Lincoln's Affiliations in the community.

These efforts support Lincoln's corporate social responsibility strategy to promote sustainable communities and business practices in the areas of: philanthropy, volunteerism, and environmental impact.

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