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At Lincoln, diversity and inclusion are at the very core of our business. Our focus in this area ensures that Lincoln is relevant, accessible, responsive and beneficial to current and potential customers of all backgrounds.

Lincoln's diversity and inclusion strategy connects us with the potential for growth in an increasingly-diverse marketplace, as we continue to support the financial goals and dreams of all individuals, families and business owners in their effort to become Chief Life Officers.

At Lincoln, we know that aspirations are as diverse as the people who have them, that the traditional family is only one kind of family and that no matter the structure, each member has his or her own goals. We also know that financial priorities sometimes compete with one another and that significant life events often collide.

We understand the challenges of sending a child to college for the first time in family history and the legacy of education, with the balance of supporting an aging parent with dignity. We realize that our clients are not all in the same phase of their financial lives — that some may be recovering from financial setbacks, while others may be on the threshold of a promising career. We also know that some of our clients are comfortable navigating the complex world of finance; and that others are not.

Whatever the circumstance and whatever the opportunity, diversity and inclusion at Lincoln mean that we are present, embedded and active in the marketplace.

For the benefit of our customers:

  • We strive to ensure Lincoln's financial professionals are informed, culturally aware and able to build trust and meaningful connections with customers of all backgrounds.
  • We work to empower and engage employees to use their interests, perspective and experience to help the company understand the unique priorities for each community.
  • We believe in integrating the work of these employees into our business operations so that our sales teams can implement effective and respectful methods of selling to our clients. We seek out and work to connect with all communities to provide Financial Consumer Education and other resources customized to their needs. We are constantly improving and expanding our pipeline of diverse talent, who reflect and seek to support the constituencies they represent.
  • We endeavor to reach markets though culturally competent channels, with targeted messages that promote Lincoln's brand and its products in the most relevant ways.
  • We invest in research and in providing access to online resources, practical insights and other tools that can empower customers to be proactive in taking charge of their financial futures so that each of them becomes Chief Life Officers.
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