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An Enterprise is Born

The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 12, 1905. During a time of controversy among big, established insurers, its 33 founders envisioned an insurance company rooted in dependability and honesty. To convey this spirit of integrity, they adopted the name of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, to represent the ideals the new company was founded upon. Robert Todd Lincoln, the President's only surviving son, gave the founders permission to use his father's name and likeness in July 1905, solidifying the name for the new company.

Growth and Expansion

Within its first six years, The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company assumed a respected position of expertise among fellow insurers and regulators. In 1911, Lincoln Life reported $6.5 million of life insurance in force with $250,000 in premium income and $750,000 in assets.

Through a series of acquisitions beginning in 1914 through the end of the Great Depression, the company expanded at an amazing rate, adding more than $250 million of insurance in force to its ledger. No other insurance company matched this expansion during its first 50 years; from 1905 to 1955, Lincoln Life grew to become the ninth largest life insurance company in the United States.

The company underwent the most dramatic transformation in the last 20 years. Lincoln National Corporation realigned its business operations, divested its property casualty and reinsurance operations, acquired Delaware Investments and added life and annuity operations from CIGNA and Aetna. In 2006, Lincoln merged with Jefferson Pilot Financial, solidifying the company as one of the largest, most enduring and fiscally sound financial services organizations in the United States.

In early 2010, Lincoln completed the sale of Delaware Investments in order to focus on our insurance and retirement businesses; which the company believes are our greatest opportunities for growth and differentiation going forward.

Looking Toward the Future

What started as The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company has grown and become part of a larger organization, Lincoln National Corporation. Lincoln National Corporation is a nationally recognized, full-service financial services enterprise under the marketing name, Lincoln Financial Group.

Today, Lincoln Financial Group is leading the industry in redefining financial security for its customers. Employing a strategy that goes beyond accumulation and protection to include income and enjoyment, Lincoln provides a full suite of products and services to help its customers achieve a common goal: retirement income security.

Learn more about the events that shaped Lincoln Financial Group in our Timeline.

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Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and insurance
company affiliates, including The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN,
and in New York, Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY. Variable products
distributed by broker/dealer-affiliate Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc., Radnor, PA. Securities
and investment advisory services offered through other affiliates. Explore Lincoln.