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The type of payout plan you select should be based on your unique goals and personal tolerance of risk and return. We encourage you to talk with your financial advisor to review each of your options and determine the best way to meet your short and long-term financial needs.

Lump Sum — If you select this option, you may select a single check or an interest-bearing checking account.

Making the right payout decision takes time

If it's difficult to make long-term decisions with your benefit funds during this time, we created the SecureLine® Account payout option for you.

SecureLine is an interest-bearing account with checkwriting privileges. Your proceeds remain easily accessible while providing you the time you need to make a well thought-out decision.

The current interest rate for SecureLine accounts is 1.34%. To learn more about the benefits of a SecureLine® Account, call 800-487-1485 and select option 4.

Payout options

Your payout option may have been stipulated when the policy was purchased. If it was not, you may still have the opportunity to choose one of the following. Please be aware that each option is not available for every type of policy. Your financial advisor or a Lincoln Claims Specialist can tell you which options are available to you.

Life only — Proceeds plus interest are paid in installments for the remainder of your life. Payments cease upon your death.

Life with ten years guaranteed — Proceeds plus interest are paid in installments for the remainder of your life. If you die within ten years after payments start, we will continue payments to your beneficiary for the balance of the ten-year period.

Refund annuity — Proceeds plus interest are paid in installments for the remainder of your life. If you die before receiving payments equaling the original amount of the contract, we will continue payments to your beneficiary until the total payments to you and your beneficiary equal the original amount.

Period certain — Proceeds plus interest are paid in equal installments for the number of years you specify, from one to thirty.

Amount certain — Payments are made in equal installments in the amount you specify until the proceeds plus interest are exhausted.

Interest accumulation — Proceeds are left on deposit with the company to accumulate with interest. No immediate payments are made.

Interest income — Proceeds are left on deposit with the company with the interest being paid directly to you.

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