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If your question is not covered in this section or elsewhere on this site, we encourage you to contact your financial professional or Customer Service. For our phone number/mailing address, please visit our Contact Us section.

General Policy Information
Information about your policy, including policy value, is updated daily. The policy owner, or properly authorized person, may contact us by phone, mail, or email to confirm the information we have in your policy record. Please include your policy number in any requests.

Deceased Policy Owner, Payer or Beneficiary
Note: To report the death of an insured, contact Claims.

It is important to keep the policy's records current. Please contact Customer Service as soon as possible regarding the death of the policy owner, beneficiary or payer, to ensure that the policy records remain current.

The death of a policy owner or beneficiary is often a time to re-evaluate an insurance portfolio. We encourage you to talk with your insurance professional to discuss the implications of the death of a beneficiary or owner. Your advisor can assist you in completing the requirements needed to update your policy's records.

If you prefer, you may contact Customer Service for assistance in preparing the appropriate forms and requirements to update your policy's records.

Lost Policy
If your original policy has been misplaced or destroyed, you may obtain a policy certificate which provides proof of insurance. To obtain a policy certificate, contact Customer Service.

Lapsed Policy
There are several reasons why a life insurance policy may terminate prior to payment of a claim. A policy can lapse or the policy owner may elect to surrender the policy for the cash surrender value. Additionally, some policies are designed to provide protection for a specified length of time and terminate when the time limit expires.

Policy Reinstatement (Reinstatement of Lapsed Policy)
The policy owner may have the right to apply for a reinstatement of a lapsed policy. Evidence of insurability and a premium payment are usually required for reinstatement consideration. To determine if your policy qualifies, please contact Customer Service.

Point in Time Illustration (Policy Illustration)
We encourage you to contact your insurance professional to obtain a "point in time" illustration, also known as a policy illustration. A policy illustration will provide you with information on how your policy may perform over time at the current interest rate and premium. Illustrations can also provide information on how your policy may perform if the following changes occur:

  • Premium payment change
  • Interest rate change
  • Death benefit increase or decrease
  • Loan
  • Withdrawal

To obtain an illustration, please contact your insurance professional. If you prefer, you may contact Customer Service.

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