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It's important to keep beneficiary records on your policy current to ensure that proceeds are paid as you desire. As the policy owner, you may change the beneficiary(ies) on your policy at any time during the life of the insured. We encourage you to talk with your insurance professional to discuss the options available to you.

You will find the appropriate form in our Forms section.

If your change is complex or if you would like additional assistance, contact Customer Service. For our phone number/mailing address, please visit our Contact Us section.

What to do if the policy owner, payer or beneficiary predeceases the insured

To ensure that the policy records remain current, please notify us as soon as possible regarding the death of the policy owner, beneficiary or payer. Keeping the policy records current will ensure that living benefits and proceeds are paid promptly.

The death of a policy owner or beneficiary is often a time to re-evaluate an insurance portfolio. We encourage you to talk with your insurance professional to discuss the implications of the death of a beneficiary or owner. Your agent can assist you in completing the requirements needed to update your policy's records.

If you prefer, you may contact Customer Service and one of our associates will assist you in preparing the appropriate forms and requirements to update your policy's records.

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