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Changing Banks or Accounts for Electronic Funds Transfer of Premium Payments
You may change your bank at any time by completing a new Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) form. You can print the EFT form, and fax or mail it to us. For our fax number/mailing addresses or if you need assistance, please visit our Contact Us section.

Confirm a payment has been received
You may confirm that we have received your premium or loan payment by calling or writing to Customer Service.

You can help to ensure that your payment is applied promptly and accurately by including your policy number and by noting 'premium payment' or 'loan payment' on each coupon remittance or correspondence. Incorrect or missing information may cause a delay in applying your payment. Please use your canceled check as your receipt.

Premium Payment Methods
Premium payments may be made on a monthly basis through the Electronic Funds Transfer program. Payments may also be made through direct billing on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Changing the method or frequency of a premium payment
You may change your method or frequency of payment by calling or writing to Customer Service.

Requesting a duplicate premium notice
Payments may be made without the premium notice. Be sure to include your policy number and note 'premium payment' on the check.

You may request a duplicate premium notice by calling or writing to Customer Service.

Changing the premium payer for a policy
The policy owner can change the designation of the individual or entity who receives payment notices for a policy. Premium Notices, Policy Loan Interest Billing and Reminder notices will be mailed directly to the payer.

If a policy is in danger of lapsing due to non-payment of either premiums or loan interest, the policy owner and assignee (if appropriate) will be notified.

You can initiate a Payer's Name and Address change by either contacting your insurance professional, submitting a request in writing or calling Customer Service.

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