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What does Lincoln SVULONE (Survivorship Variable Universal Life) mean for you?

  • Innovative death benefit that's paid after the death of both insureds and guaranteed, no matter how investment options perform
  • The freedom to invest in a diverse portfolio. Market-driven growth potential for your account value through more than 70 investment options from our Elite Series of Funds. Lincoln VUL gives you the flexibility, protection and tax advantages of life insurance with a range of fixed and variable investment options.
  • Can help you meet your goals today, and still be sure the goals you have for future generations can be realized

With Lincoln SVULONE, you can enjoy benefits while at the same time you're providing benefits for future generations

  • Comprehensive protection. Survivorship variable universal life insurance (SVUL) insures two lives with a single policy. Your designated beneficiary receives a death benefit after the death of the last insured.
  • Account value growth potential. Your account value grows tax deferred. Plus, you can take withdrawals or borrow against it. Loans and withdrawals reduce the policy's account value and death benefit, and may affect guarantees, cause policy lapse, or have tax consequences.
  • The ability to pass on a valuable legacy. SVUL gives you flexibility with a range of fixed and variable investment options.
  • The added benefit of tax advantages. With SVUL, your beneficiaries can receive a benefit free of federal and state income taxes.

What makes Lincoln SVULONE different?

Like all SVUL policies, Lincoln SVULONE offers death benefit protection, the potential to build account value, and various investment options. The difference is that Lincoln SVULONE offers something more through the Optimal No-Lapse Enhancement Rider, which provides guaranteed death benefit protection, regardless of how your investment options perform. Investment return and principal value may fluctuate. If surrendered, the cash surrender value may be worth more or less than total premiums paid.

How can the Optimal No-Lapse Enhancement (ONE) Rider1 help ensure possibilities for the future?

As long as you fund the policy as specified, the innovative ONE Rider guarantees your death benefit, regardless of market performance, so you participate in potential market growth. The ONE Rider gives you:

  • The Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit2- You choose your guaranteed minimum death benefit - from 70% to 100% of the death benefit amount. (The higher the percentage, the higher total premium you'll pay.) Even if you choose a guarantee less than 100%, your death benefit will be fully guaranteed for a certain period determined when you buy the policy, based on your situation, such as age or amount of insurance protection selected. 
  • The reset feature - Each policy anniversary your guaranteed period is recalculated using your current account value. If this recalculation results in a longer guarantee period, your guarantee is improved to reflect this performance.

1 The ONE Rider requires automatic rebalancing. Guarantees based on the claims-paying ability of the appropriate issuing company. If the no-lapse benefit expires or terminates, the account value must be sufficient to keep the policy in-force or additional premiums will be required to avoid a policy lapse. Paying only the premium required to satisfy the no-lapse guarantee may lessen the potential for build-up of the policy's account value.

2 Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit and Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit Percentage are referred to as No-Lapse Death Benefit and No-Lapse Death Benefit Percentage respectively in Maryland.

Lincoln SVULONE is issued on policy form LN697 and state variations by The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN and is offered through broker/dealers with an effective selling agreement. Contractual obligations are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Product and features are subject to state availability. Lincoln SVULONE is sold by prospectus. Carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the policy and its underlying investment options. This and other important information can be found in the prospectus for Lincoln SVULONE and the prospectus for the underlying investment options. Prospectuses are available upon request and should be read carefully before investing or sending money. For hard copy of a current prospectus, please call 800-444-2363, prospectuses are also available online.

The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company is not authorized nor does it solicit business in the state of New York.

Contractual obligations are backed by the claims-paying ability of The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Policies sold in New York are issued on policy form LN697/LR697 by Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY, and distributed by Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. Contractual obligations are backed by the claims-paying ability of Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York.

Policy values will fluctuate and are subject to market risk and to possible loss of principal.

Product and features subject to state availability.

Variable products are sold by prospectus containing investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the variable product and its underlying investment options. Read carefully. Any tax statements contained herein were not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding U.S. federal, state or local tax penalties. Please consult your own independent advisor as to any tax, accounting, or legal statements made herein.

Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates. Affiliates are separately responsible for their own financial and contractual obligations.

All policies have exclusions and/or limitations and are subject to underwriting approval with policy terms and conditions. An additional cost for riders will be deducted from the policy account value.

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Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and insurance
company affiliates, including The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN,
and in New York, Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY. Variable products
distributed by broker/dealer-affiliate Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc., Radnor, PA. Securities
and investment advisory services offered through other affiliates. Explore Lincoln.