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As you invest over time and build your assets, it's important to optimize your overall financial plan by regularly checking your asset allocation to stay in line with your goals and integrating your retirement savings strategy with your overall financial strategy.

Asset Allocation Tips

Thoughtful decisions can help protect your portfolio from market ups and downs. Read more.

Interest Rate Fluctuations

Interest rates affect you both as a borrower and as a retirement saver. Watch now.

Market Bubbles

Market bubbles are part of history, but diversification can help protect your savings. Watch now.

Finding Balance With Bonds

Learn if bonds are right for you. Read more.

Stay on Track During Market Ups and Downs

Design a strategy that helps you stay the course during market fluctuations. Read more.

Diversifying Beyond Your Plan

Explore your options for investing outside of your retirement plan. Read more.

Give Your Retirement Plan a Checkup

Review your finances so you can stay on track to meet your goals. Read more.

Help Manage Risk with Rebalancing

Help your portfolio keep up with a changing market — and your long-term goals. Read more.

Take Control Of Your Emotions When Investing

Let your retirement strategy - not your emotions - guide your investing. Read more.

Inflation and You

Protect your retirement savings from inflation. Read more.


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