You may choose to set aside for yourself a sum of money from which you can make periodic withdrawals. This calculator shows how much money can be periodically taken out of an account based on the amount of money invested, the growth rate and the length of time you wish to receive payments. This calculator assumes that the money left (after each payment) will continue to grow at a constant percentage rate.

Lump sum invested:
Enter the dollar amount you can invest and use to fund periodic withdrawals.
Annual interest rate:
Enter the percentage of interest you anticipate earning on the amount you have invested. The calculator assumes this number will remain constant. (The calculator assumes 6 percent and the maximum value is 12 percent.)
Number of withdrawals:
Enter the number of withdrawal payments you want to receive each year. This number can range from one payment annually to one each day (365).
Withdrawal period:
Enter the number of years you want to receive periodic withdrawals from your investment.

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