Much of financial planning is the ability to set goals for various stages of your life. This calculator allows you to experiment with the components that determine the future value of an investment, including computing the amount you would need to invest today in order to reach a future goal.

You can leave any one of the input fields blank and the calculator will figure that amount for you. For example, if you know the amount you will need at some future time, put that amount in the "Future value of your investment" box and enter the information called for in two of the three remaining boxes. The calculator will give you the answer for the box you left blank.

Current value of your investment:
Enter the current value of your investment in today's dollars or leave blank to solve for this item.
Years you will maintain your investment:
Enter the number of years you intend to keep this amount invested or leave blank to solve for this item.
Annual investment growth rate:
Enter the annual percentage you expect your investment to grow or leave blank to solve for this item. (The calculator assumes 6% and the maximum value is 12 percent.)
Future value of your investment:
Enter the future investment goal or leave blank to solve for this item.

This is a hypothetical illustration only and is not indicative of any particular investment or performance.

Hello future.
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