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Business Valuation — Discounted Cash Flow

   This provides 4 alternate valuations of your business in the event of a sale.

Life Insurance Needs    You know it's a must but do you know how much? Calculate your family's life insurance needs here.

Estate Tax Planning    Use this calculator to project the value of your estate, and the associated estate tax, for the next ten years. This calculator uses the rules passed into law as part of the "American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012." Please be aware that certain estate planning documents, which are beyond the scope of this calculator, may be necessary in order for assets to be distributed according to your wishes.

Long-Term Care    The need for long-term care can arise unexpectedly, often creating a large financial burden. This calculator can help you determine if you are financially prepared for this impending expense.

Life Expectancy    How much you need for retirement depends a great deal on how long you expect to live. This calculator can give you an idea of your life expectancy based on your current age and several important lifestyle choices.

Financial Ratios    Financial ratios are used as indicators that allow you to focus on areas of your business that may need attention such as solvency, liquidity, and profitability. This calculator can show you 10 different financial ratios.

Net Worth    Your net worth is the value of all of your assets, minus the total of all of your liabilities. This calculator helps you determine your current net worth and estimates how it could change over the next ten years.

What Are The Tax Advantages Of An Annuity?    Use this calculator to compare the tax advantages of saving in an annuity versus an account where the interest is taxed each year.

Compare A Taxable Investment To A Tax-Deferred Investment    This calculator will help compare a fully taxable investment to two tax advantaged situations: 1) an investment account is not taxed until the money is withdrawn; 2) the money is an investment that is not subject to Federal or State tax.

Disability Insurance    Use this calculator to help estimate how much disability insurance you may need to cover expenses during a period of short- or long-term disability.

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Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and insurance
company affiliates, including The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, IN,
and in New York, Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York, Syracuse, NY. Variable products
distributed by broker/dealer-affiliate Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc., Radnor, PA. Securities
and investment advisory services offered through other affiliates. Explore Lincoln.