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Market Research Support

We've established an extremely successful national marketing research system to help you gather information on clients and prospects, allowing you to better prepare for approach and referral meetings with knowledge about your audience — and the confidence to help them find the products and services they need.

Referral Leverage Packet
This in-depth packet identifies circles of people your client may/will know based on their professional or personal life through associations, the neighborhood, business groups, etc. Your Referral Leverage Packet will allow you to go into referral meetings armed with information that will make gathering referrals easier.

Approach Packet
This comprehensive packet includes research about a prospect's situation to use in preparing for your initial approach. The research will identify information about their business, other business entities that the prospect may be involved in, and other pertinent information. Your Approach Packet will help you be better prepared for your meeting by identifying specific needs you may be able to fill.

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