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For All Advisors

Planning Forum
Offered three times a year, in locations across the country, our Planning Forum is a broad-based training meeting designed by planners, for planners. Attendees of all experience levels receive the latest updates on our company and industry, as well as advice from some of our best practitioners on how they continue to grow their own business.

Masters Series
Held every Monday throughout the year, our Masters Series seminars give planners access to each live presentation via the internet — providing an easy means of continued development. Seminars feature talks given by a variety of top advisors currently working in the field. Participants receive real-life advice on current markets and products — and what it takes to grow a successful business. Seminars cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Case studies of successful practices and clients
  • Interviews with top advisors
  • Discussions of real-life experiences with various client types
  • Technical analysis and training on planning concepts
  • Updates on topics of interest to advisors and their clients

Fall Focus
Plan to attend Fall Focus, LFN's most advanced training, October 20-23 at the Westin Gaslamp in San Diego, CA!

Our most advanced training series, Fall Focus provides 10 hours of detailed concentration on a single topic. Over the course of a few days, participants experience intensive workshops featuring advice from successful Lincoln Financial advisors on topics such as retirement security, legacy planning, sales skills, and more. Additional benefits:

  • Our Fall Focus seminars are held in small group settings at attractive locations — a great opportunity to get away from it all and focus on future success
  • Participants get the opportunity to not only learn from speakers, but mingle with them as well
  • Additional training is provided through a variety of bonus seminars, providing even more valuable information

The Resource Group
The Resource Group is an internal planning group consisting of top advisors in the network. Participants hold annual meetings and develop plans and solutions concerning issues important to Lincoln Financial advisors.

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