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For New Planners

Our New Planner Training program combines live and virtual training — and involves a series of specialized seminars designed specifically for planners who have recently joined the Lincoln Financial Network. Each seminar is taught by our top trainers, so you can expect the expert advice and instruction you need to grow your business — and provide your clients with the best service possible.

Transition Training
Available to both new planners and current planners looking to hone or expand their skills, Transition Training involves 20 hours of expert instruction designed to help you launch and grow your fee-based planning practice. These seminars are offered as live, virtual training.

Cycle Seminar
Cycle Seminar is a three-day, intensive seminar focused on mastering the process necessary for long-term success as an advisor. Small group exercises will help you master a highly effective approach talk.

Vice President's Seminar
This selective seminar recognizes an elite group of fee-based planners for their success in the first 24 months with Lincoln Financial. The reward? The opportunity to spend a few days at a resort, interacting with our most successful planners — and learning the secrets of their success.

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