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Industry leadership

How we rank

As a measure of our success, we’re consistently ranked highly in a variety of financial categories:

Fortune 500 list Life Disability Dental Employee-Paid Group Benefits
In 2016, Lincoln National Corporation ranks: #205 based on revenue #25 based on assets1 #9 for group life, based on premium2 #6 for group disability, based on premium2 #9 for group dental, based on premium2 #8 for employee-paid, based on premium2 #7 for all group benefits, based on premium2

Who we serve

  • More than 90,000 group policies in-force3
  • 14.7 million employees insured3
  • Over $1.9 billion in total in-force premium3

While numbers matter, the people they represent matter more.  Lincoln employee benefits have helped our customers secure their income, protect themselves and their loved ones and prepare for the unexpected. In 2016 alone:

  • 21,671 women enjoyed maternity leaves with their new babies4
  • 3,953 people with disabilities returned to work4
  • 14,280 beneficiaries received financial support after the loss of a loved one4
  • 1,598 kids' smiles were enhanced by braces4
  • 5,195 people had help covering their expenses when they made trips to the ER because of an accidental injury.4

1Based on median three-year cash flow return on investment (ROI), 2015 sales growth, and adjusted for divestitures
2LIMRA — 2016 YTD Sales Report. Based on total premium.
32016 year-end business results
42016 claims