Community updates

We’re in this together, investing in our communities to empower and improve lives, keep people working, and streamline access to federal and local COVID-19 resources.

Tackling financial impacts of COVID-19

We’ve compiled a list of resources below to help people find financial answers and get help faster. This information is free to all, and we encourage you to share it with your family and friends.

COVID Financial Relief (CFPB)
Rent or mortgage
Unemployment benefits
Tax help
Community connections
People packing boxes of food
Empowering and improving lives

Lincoln Financial Foundation has donated over $2 million to support more than 60 food, housing and related service organizations across 11 cities where we operate. And we’re actively working to help where the need is greatest.

Learn about our continuing investment and support.

People + Work Connect - powered by Accenture
Connecting people to jobs

Lincoln Financial is a founding partner of People + Work Connect , an employer-to-employer initiative that unites companies facing layoffs with those in urgent need of workers. The global, cross-industry platform uses analytics to help reduce unemployment and put people to work in growth opportunities.

Learn more about the initiative.