Corporate governance

Integrity, respect and responsibility are not just guiding principles at Lincoln Financial Group, they unify and inspire us to help people to take charge of their lives.

Code of conduct

At Lincoln, we expect all of our employees to make the right decision, every time. Our Code of Conduct empowers employees with the clarity and tools they need to help meet this expectation.

Board committees and charters

Lincoln Financial Group Board members serve on the following committees to ensure stringent corporate governance:

Meet our leadership and committee members. Shareholders and others who wish to communicate with our Board of Directors are encouraged to contact us by mail.  How to contact our Board. (PDF)

Public policy advocacy

These documents describe the types of political contributions and activities made or carried out by Lincoln Financial and the Lincoln National Corporation Political Action Committee for the calendar year:

2020 Public Policy Advocacy (PDF)

2019 Public Policy Advocacy (PDF)

2018 Public Policy Advocacy (PDF)

2017 Public Policy Advocacy (PDF)

2016 Public Policy Advocacy (PDF)

2015 Public Policy Advocacy (PDF)

Other governance documents