Environmental impact

We believe what’s good for our communities is good for our business. We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and helping improve people's lives.

Learn more about our responsible business practices in our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. (PDF)
View our Environmental Policy. (PDF)

Energy conservation

For more than 30 years, we have been on the cutting edge of building energy-efficient practices. We’ve been committed to energy conservation measures since long before these measures were reported in corporate responsibility reports. We installed our first large-scale automated energy management system in 1972. Since then, we’ve successfully reduced energy consumption through innovative construction techniques, engineering principles and systems technology.

Natural resources stewardship

To reduce paper, we promote the use of eDelivery documents for all internal and external communications. Moreover, we’ve implemented new company-wide recycling programs and environmental impact education aimed at protecting our natural resources.

Making a positive impact

From employing local green teams and waste stream reduction initiatives, to supporting community efforts and participating in Earth Day activities, we aim to make a tangible and positive impact on the environment. Beyond our corporate efforts, we educate our employees about the good they can do both individually and through their involvement in community conservation projects.