A shared responsibility

Protecting your Lincoln Financial investments

Lincoln Financial Group’s mission is to protect your financial future. That protection extends to any Lincoln account1 and Lincoln product, ensuring that every reasonable measure has been taken to protect you against fraud, theft, conversion, or cybersecurity-related loss. Protecting you is a critical priority that we take seriously, but we can’t do it without you. Securing your Lincoln accounts and Lincoln products is a shared responsibility, requiring both of us to do our parts. 

Reimbursement policy on cybercrime-related losses

If you have a Lincoln product, which includes a Lincoln life insurance policy, annuity, retirement plan account, or group insurance policy, you will need to take these simple steps:      

  • Register on LFG.com within the first 60 days of purchasing your Lincoln product
  • Never share your LFG.com account credentials with anyone
  • Enable all available security alerts and notifications
  • Turn on all available security features including two-factor authentication
  • Immediately notify Lincoln of any fraud, theft, conversion, or cybersecurity-related losses from your Lincoln Financial account or policy.
  • Immediately notify us if you become a victim of identity theft, or if you are alerted to fraud from another financial services company.

For Lincoln brokerage and sponsored investment advisory accounts, please work with your financial advisor to register these accounts for online access. Complete these actions listed above to safeguard your Lincoln accounts.

If you take these actions to protect your Lincoln accounts and Lincoln products, we will reimburse you for the full amount of losses resulting from cybersecurity-related fraud, theft, conversion, or other unauthorized activity, if we conclude that the loss occurred through no fault of your own.2 

Learn more about how Lincoln protects your financial well-being and how to protect yourself online.

1Your “Lincoln accounts” are brokerage and sponsored investment advisory accounts held directly with Lincoln Financial Securities (LFS) or Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA). Accounts held directly with product manufacturers or third-party asset managers or accounts where another institution is broker-dealer of record are exempt from the Lincoln policy and subject to those institutions’ policies.

2Lincoln must review the circumstances of each loss prior to making a reimbursement payment.  Some losses will not be covered, including losses resulting from (1) transactions involving an employee retirement account that have been approved by the employee’s employer or the employer’s agent, (2) actions taken by or a breach of security involving a person or entity with whom you have shared your account credentials), (3) conduct of a person to whom you have granted authority over your account and (4) a customer’s own fraudulent activity.