How we protect your account

Lincoln is committed to providing our customers the highest level of account security with the lowest level of frustration.

A significant effort has been made to identify security controls that maximize account security, while minimizing your frustration. This balanced approach is a cornerstone to our customer account security strategy. Recently we introduced technologies that dramatically reduce the threat of fraud and exploitation, yet are completely transparent to our customers.

It’s impossible to fully protect your account without your partnership.

When setting up your account, we ask that you:

  • Choose a unique user name: Do not use your email address.
  • Choose a strong password: Use numbers, capital letters, lower case letters and special characters. By choosing a unique username and password, you minimize account hijacking and guessed passwords.
  • Select a personal image and phrase: Select a personal image and phrase to help you to spot a fake website.
  • Select personal identifying questions: During the initial web registration process, Lincoln Financial Group asks personal identifying questions that only you should be able to answer.
  • Use two-factor authentication: This is a strong security feature that protects you if your ID and Password ever become compromised. Once enabled, a code is sent to your phone, which will be required as part of the account login process to access your account.