Protecting your data is a top business priority at Lincoln

In today’s world, cybercrime and security breaches are a constant threat. Protecting your data and our infrastructure is a top priority at Lincoln.

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Cybersecurity and fraud protection

Lincoln National Corporation is committed to protecting clients and customers from cybercriminals and fraud attempts during COVID-19.

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Report a security incident

If you think you may have been a target of a phishing email or text claiming to be from Lincoln, report the incident using this form.


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Find out more about our security program

Security matters

Our online safety features are designed to provide a secure environment for our valued customers and business partners.

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How we protect your account

Identify theft and data breaches have impacted millions of Americans over the past few years.

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A shared responsibility

Online security is a shared responsibility, and we want to help you protect your identity and personal information to the fullest extent.

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