Creating an inclusive workplace

Our more than 9,000 employees are Lincoln’s most important asset. Diversity and inclusion strengthen our organizational culture, attract the best and brightest talent and create a rewarding work experience for all.

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We provide opportunities that facilitate career growth and build relationships between professionals and leaders. Employees are encouraged to join development programs, take training courses and seek stretch assignments to advance in their area of expertise. 

Workplace initiatives

Our employees bring their knowledge, resources and experiences to contribute to our long-term success through:

  • Initiatives and programs for women and other groups to enable them to grow in the financial sector
  • Employee organizations that drive grassroots activities including heritage month celebrations
  • Opportunities that provide culturally relevant insights on our products
  • Comprehensive training and development programs that allow employees to advance in their areas of expertise in an  inclusive work environment 

Lincoln's Veterati Program 

Veterati is an innovative mentorship platform that makes being a mentor and finding mentors effortless. Connecting job-seekers to mentors at scale is phase one of Veterati's greater mission: to transform job search from a painful experience into an inspiring journey for the military community.

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Connect with Lincoln Veterati mentors

Lincoln mentors share advice to guide you to your best-fit career, introduce you to opportunities and can help you become a sharper, more polished applicant. Sign up to receive phone mentorship from Lincoln Financial employees.

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