Lincoln Financial Foundation

Founded in 1962, the Lincoln Financial Foundation is committed to empowering people by making philanthropic contributions in the communities where we do business.   

2014 highlights

Each year, we award approximately $10 million in grants to local community programs focused on youth education, workforce development, human services and arts.

$9.4 million

Grants and matching gifts to nonprofits

$1.09 million

Donated to United Way


LIVE program grants

$1.2 million

Matching gifts


  1. Education

  2. Narrowing the achievement gap in American education is the mission behind our support of programs that promote life-long learning, financial literacy and raising student achievement levels. By helping provide a strong educational foundation for students, we hope to help improve graduation rates across the country and empower people to lead greater lives.

    158 education grants totaling $3.2 million

  3. Human services

  4. Ensuring that all people have the ability to meet their basic needs for food, housing and independent living isn’t just something we should do, it’s something we must do. Through support, education and job training, we hope to help the most vulnerable populations find tools and skills to build better lives for themselves and their families.

    118 human services grants totaling $1.7 million

  1. Economic development

  2. According to the Family Economic Success Report, the earnings gap between educated workers and their less-educated counterparts is growing. Through our focus on adult education, workforce and economic development, we support organizations that provide critical programs aimed at improving the local economies in our major business locations.

    68 economic development grants totaling $1.6 million

  1. The Arts

  2. Access to the arts should be available for everyone regardless of age, economic situation, ability and ethnicity. We support arts education and access to cultural activities that help students succeed because we believe in the tremendous benefits it can have for our communities spurring the creative economy and fostering economic development.

    115 arts grants totaling $1.7 million