Connecticut PFML

The private plan process for Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave

As we prepare for the launch of Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave (CT PFML), we want employers going through the private plan process — or investigating it — to have the information they need. We’ve put together a few resources to answer questions you may have.

Where do I start?

Download our private plan application process flier for step-by-step guidance.

What should I expect with the voting process?

We often hear questions about the voting process when it comes to private plans. Does it take a long time? How hard is it? To help with these questions, we’ve put together a guide to walk you through the steps.

Download this flier to see the voting process requirements for your private plan application.

How can Lincoln help?

Lincoln Financial offers both self-insured and fully insured plans for Connecticut PFML in full compliance with state requirements.

Lincoln private plans offer your company:

  • End-to-end support throughout all phases of approval, setup, and ongoing administration
  • Ongoing compliance information with timely updates
  • Time tracking, entitlement, and benefit coordination with all Lincoln-managed disability and absence programs, including coordination of the company-paid leave programs we administer
  • Educational resources to help you and your employees understand benefits

Reach out to your Lincoln Benefits professional to discuss your private plan options and deadlines.

Where can I get more information about Connecticut PFML?

Our CT PFML page has the program information you need.

And, remember to check out the Lincoln Absence Advisor for ongoing news and deadline information on the program.