Guaranteed retirement

There's a growing need for investments that can help protect plan savings and create guaranteed income for life. Lincoln PathBuilder IncomeSM makes it easy to offer a lifetime income option to your participants.

The importance of guaranteed income options

Savers ask themselves — will my money last throughout retirement? It can be a significant concern. That may be why among those saving in their employer's plan, 61% would be somewhat or very likely to contribute to a guaranteed lifetime income investment option.1

Why offer lifetime income?

Offering a guaranteed income option in your retirement plan addresses those concerns and can help participants retire with confidence. It may also help attract and retain talent that's interested in a retirement income benefit.

Percentage of workers somewhat or very likely to contribute to a guaranteed income option2

The Lincoln PathBuilder IncomeSM suite of solutions

Lincoln PathBuilder IncomeSM offers guaranteed lifetime income with protection from market declines and participation in rising markets - all at a reasonable cost. We work closely with you to find the right fit for your plan. With access to fiduciary support, you can be confident in your choice of this lifetime income option.

Income is the ultimate outcome

See how we're transforming participant savings into guaranteed retirement income.

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Finding a solution that meets participant needs

Choose from a variety of options, including one of our Lincoln PathBuilder IncomeSM solutions or Income America 5forLife, offered through a partnership with industry leaders. Compare investment structures, fees, guaranteed annual income rates, and more. 
See guaranteed income options 

See guaranteed income options

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Help make benefits more beneficial

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