Lincoln Variable Insurance Products (LVIP) Trust

Lincoln VIP Trust regulatory reports

The following table contains regulatory reports for each individual fund within the Lincoln Variable Insurance Product Trust. Here are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing these materials:

  • A statutory prospectus, commonly referred to as a prospectus, provides key information about a fund's investment objectives and strategies, risks, performance, fees, and expenses. Please review it carefully before investing.
  • A summary prospectus is a condensed version of the statutory prospectus.
  • The Statement of Additional Information (SAI) provides more details about a fund, including information about strategies, investment restrictions and policies, fund management, and proxy voting guidelines.
  • Shareholder reports summarize fund operations and results and include portfolio summaries and financials. Annual reports review the past fiscal year. Semiannual reports provide midyear updates.
  • XBRL files provide risk/return summary information in an interactive data format.

Not all funds listed here are available for investment under every policy. Please review the options available for your policy or contract.

You can navigate among the regulatory materials for each fund using the bookmarks at the top of the Summary Prospectus page.