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Technology solutions

We provide highly personalized and actionable digital tools and resources that can help drive positive outcomes. 

An enhanced participant web experience

The participant website is the foundation of our enhanced participant technology. The mobile-enabled site allows participants to engage with retirement saving when and how they want. With a clean design and intuitive navigation, it offers short, educational articles segmented by life stage so participants can easily zero in on information that’s relevant to them. Within their secure online accounts, savers have access to personalized tools that make it easy to see if they’re on track and take positive actions. Explore the participant experience.

A personal retirement income estimate

In our recent survey, participants who increased the amount they contribute were asked what motivated the change. Retirement income projections and savings calculators topped the list.1 Participants can’t tell if they’re saving enough for retirement simply by looking at their account balance.

In their secure online accounts, Lincoln provides savers with an estimate of their monthly retirement income, based on their current balance, savings rate, and other assumptions. They get an easy-to-understand visual of whether they’re on track for the retirement income they may need, and they can change variables to see how that affects the results. Participants can see how making a small change could have a positive impact on their long-term savings.

Easy contribution increases

The Click2Contribute module in online accounts allows participants to quickly and easily increase their contributions with just a couple of clicks. It also provides a preview of the potential impact on their paycheck and their long-term savings. Since this has been introduced, 82% of actions via Click2Contribute have been increases.2

Enrollment in just a few clicks

Our enhanced online enrollment experience gives participants the opportunity to enroll in just a few clicks. They’re presented with preset deferral rates (with the ability to customize), the plan default investment, and auto increase (if applicable). This easy enrollment experience can help lower abandon rates and drive increases in plan participation.

Lincoln mobile apps

Lincoln puts retirement planning at participant fingertips with apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Savers on the go can check their balances and take action anytime, anywhere.

Plan health analytics

It’s not just participants who benefit from our technology. Our Plan Health Dashboard gives you the plan health information you need at a glance. The dashboard's key metrics reveal participant retirement readiness and provide perspective on the overall participant landscape, along with benchmarking. You can use this data to drive decision-making, quickly identify participants in need of support, identify opportunities for plan improvement, and see trends over time. View our video on our Plan Health dashboard.