Three steps to increase engagement

Our research reveals three actions you can take to help increase retirement plan participation and drive positive outcomes for your participants.

What motivates positive actions?

One of the greatest challenges you face as a retirement plan sponsor is how to encourage participants to save enough for their futures. We conducted a national Lincoln Retirement Power® survey of current retirement plan participants to discover the motivations behind their behavior. Participants who increased their contributions within the past year had three top motivators.1


Making an impact

Now that we know which three factors make a difference when it comes to driving positive participant behavior, what can you do to help increase participation and contribution rates?

Participant wants and motivators

Three things

you can do

How Lincoln can help

The top two motivators are income projections and savings calculators.

Among participants who increased their contributions in the past year, 80% looked at a retirement income projection and 68% used a calculator on the plan provider’s website.2



1. Offer easy-to-use tools and calculators

Our online tools and calculators 
help employees understand the cost of waiting to save for retirement, the impact small changes can make on retirement savings, and a plan to repay debt.

Once your employees start participating in the plan and sign up for an online account, they have access to a retirement income estimator that projects retirement income and shows participants how changes, such as increasing the deferral rate, may improve their outcomes.

Participants want education—about investments, budgeting, how to know if they’re on track, and more.

Our research shows that participants see both their provider and employer as good sources of plan-related information and may not actually distinguish between the two.3



2. Optimize omnichannel communication and education

Our educational materials make it easy for employees to understand their plan, increase their financial wellness, and make informed decisions.

Here’s an example of our e-newsletter  for participants with online accounts. It offers timely articles, infographics, and videos each quarter. Our mobile-optimized website and smartphone and Apple Watch apps allow participants to engage whenever and however they want.

A consistent Retirement Power finding over the years has been the importance of one-on-one meetings.

Among participants who increased their contributions in the past year, 51% attended a one-on-one meeting. Among that 51%, the personal meeting was the most-cited motivator for the increase.4




3. Encourage in‑person guidance

Personal support gets results. Participants who have one-on-one meetings have four
times higher retirement confidence, 38% higher satisfaction with their plan, and 45% higher contribution rates.5

Explain the benefits of meeting with a financial advisor to your employees. Even if retirement professionals are currently available to meet with participants at your workplace, the way you communicate this can make a big difference. Participants who feel that meetings are encouraged— and not seen as distractions from work — are more likely to set (and keep!) their appointments.

Data drives informed decision-making. Visit for more research-based insights on how you can motivate your participants to save for successful retirements.


1Lincoln Retirement Power® Participant Study, 2017. 
5Lincoln Financial Group, Plan Satisfaction Research, 2016.




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