Your education program guidebook

An education policy statement and an annual education strategy work together to help your employees achieve successful retirements, while helping you meet plan goals. Use our guide to create an effective program.

A comprehensive education program

Education programs that inform employees and keep them engaged can contribute to better retirement outcomes and can increase retirement readiness. A thoughtful, engaging employee education program also can help you meet plan goals. Our workbook will guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive education program for your plan. Two important components of your overall program may be an Education Policy Statement (EPS) and an Education Strategy.

Education policy and strategy essentials

An Education Policy Statement is intended to document your commitment to creating and maintaining an overall employee education program. It’s established once, reviewed annually, and modified only if the core objective, philosophy and/or process for your education program is revised. It establishes the foundation for ongoing participant education efforts. While an Education Policy Statement can be a valuable addition to your retirement program, it may obligate you to fulfill stated goals. Seek guidance from legal experts when determining whether to establish an Education Policy Statement for your plan.

An Education Strategy is created annually and serves as a roadmap or tactical plan that guides the implementation of specific participant education campaigns tied to specific plan goals. It may consist of campaign descriptions, proposed timelines, and an employee education calendar.

Best practices for an education strategy:

  • Use plan data and metrics
  • Benchmark your plan
  • Gather employee feedback
  • Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based)

Download our guidebook (PDF) for in-depth information, expanded best practices, and an outline that walks you through the process.

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