Why offer retirement income solutions?

In-plan options can benefit both you and your employees.

Worries about retirement savings lead to employee stress and delayed retirements.


Source: PwC, Employee Financial Wellness Survey, April 2017.

What can you do to help? Over the past five years, guaranteed retirement income solutions have become increasingly popular.






Source: LIMRA PUBLICATIONS, Guaranteed Income Investment Options in DC Plans, 2017.

Retirement income solutions can help participants by providing a guaranteed income stream in their later years. But it doesn’t just benefit them. What’s in it for you?

Reduced employer costs

  • Source: Society of Actuaries, Calculating ROI: Measuring the Benefits of Workplace Financial Wellness, 2017.

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Among employees with financial stress:
  • Source: PwC, Employee Financial Wellness Survey, April 2017.

More engaged younger employees


Source: GALLUP, Millennials Want Jobs to Be Development Opportunities, June 30, 2016. 
Source: Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association, A Financial Wellness Primer, July  2017.


Help employees retire on time. Lower your costs. Boost productivity and engagement. Is it time to consider in-plan guaranteed retirement income solutions for your plan?