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Offering for small businesses

Small businesses may need the support of a responsive retirement plan provider to help meet both plan and participant goals.

You have a lot of important matters to attend to, and your retirement plan is only one.  Lincoln understands the challenges small businesses face, so we aim to ease the administrative burdens with a level of service you're unlikely to find elsewhere.

A service-driven model to help meet your goals

We bring to every relationship the commitment and know-how that you should expect in a plan provider. Our knowledgeable account management team is equipped to respond to your needs, working closely with your advisor and third party administrator to ensure a coordinated view. We can provide resources to help you reach your goals.

Flexible investment programs to give you options

Building investment lineups suitable to your small business workforce can be one of the biggest responsibilities you face. We provide a range of resources to help you make an informed decision. 

Our investment program includes access to investment lineups designed by Morningstar Investment Management LLC. If you're looking for more investment flexibility, you may select a fully customized lineup from our available investment options. For participants wanting an all-in-one option, we offer target-date funds and managed account services.

We make available quarterly Morningstar Performance Report & Watch Lists and provide day-to-day access to investment information that's easily accessible online or by phone. View investment performance.

A personal approach to education and communication programs

Participants require more than general information about saving and investing. They may need help along the way. That's why Lincoln takes a very personal approach.

The Lincoln InStep® Participant Retirement Program is a comprehensive approach to helping participants learn about plan features and take charge of their financial futures. The program engages employees step-by-step from the time they're first eligible to enroll up to and through retirement, which may be ideal for small businesses.

Independent research shows that a personal approach increases employee satisfaction with the plan,1 builds confidence with decision-making and ultimately leads participants to take action toward better retirement outcomes.2

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