Retirement saving motivators and challenges

The Lincoln Retirement Power® study helps you understand challenges to retirement saving and identify solutions for both participants and non-participants.

This year’s study told a different story: While deferral rates and account values held steady, optimism significantly decreased. Most participants are saving less than they need. Most are carrying debt, and 2/3 say their debt is a problem.1

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Read in-depth results and insights to see how you can effectively motivate employees to save.

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This year’s study included non-participants for the first time. The research revealed key motivators to increase contributions or start saving. Easy-to-use online tools, an employer match, educational resources, and plan design features can all have a major impact.

The 2019 Lincoln Retirement Power® Participant Study is based on a national survey of 2,580 full-time workers who have been contributing to their current employers’ retirement plans for at least one year. The 2019 Lincoln Retirement Power® Non-participant Study is based on a national survey of 1,008 full- time workers who aren’t participating in their employers’ plans.