Anti-money laundering

Lincoln complies with regulations that combat money laundering and other activities that facilitate money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. Please review the information below to learn more about Lincoln's anti-money laundering (AML) program for insurance producers.

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Please contact us at regarding the following topics:

  • The acceptance of AML training certificates
  • To provide proof of training
  • General AML training inquiries
  • AML training requirement and licensing status

Please contact us at regarding the following topics:

  • Questions regarding Lincoln's anti-money laundering program
  • Reporting suspicious activity

Lincoln’s AML program

The life insurance companies of the Lincoln Financial Group (collectively Lincoln) are subject to final regulations issued by the Department of Treasury on October 31, 2005, and effective May 2, 2006, with respect to anti-money laundering programs for insurance companies. The regulations require insurance companies to develop an anti-money laundering program, which includes ongoing training.

If you are not affiliated with a broker-dealer or a financial institution from which you receive AML training, you may satisfy the training requirement by taking the AML training course offered through LIMRA. Please see below.

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Frequently asked questions

Are all insurance companies subject to anti‐money laundering (AML) insurance regulations under the USA PATRIOT Act?

Yes, the regulation applies to all insurance companies that sell life and annuity insurance products. There are certain exemptions for certain types of insurance products, for example, term, reinsurance and group life and annuity products. Producers should recognize, however, that AML compliance programs can and should be tailored to fit a particular business,  considering factors such as size, location, business activities, the types of accounts maintained, and the types of transactions handled.

I only sell products that are exempted under the regulations (term and/or group annuity or life insurance products). Do I need to take this training?

If you are licensed and appointed to sell individual insurance products with Lincoln Financial Group, you are required to complete the AML training because your license does not distinguish between the ability to sell cash value or term products.

How does Lincoln train producers appointed with the company?

Lincoln requires that insurance producers receive AML training at least once every 24 months. Producers appointed with Lincoln, who have not taken the AML training through another carrier, may take the AML training course offered through LIMRA and sponsored by Lincoln. The LIMRA training is an online course offered at no cost to the producer. LIMRA may be accessed via the LIMRA anti‐money laundering course information link located on the home page of this website.

I’ve already taken the anti-money laundering training offered by LIMRA. Do I have to take it again with Lincoln Financial?

Lincoln will accept the LIMRA AML training course to satisfy our training requirement. We will receive confirmation directly from LIMRA regarding producers who have completed the training.

I’m a registered representative and I’ve taken anti-money laundering training with my broker-dealer. Do I have to take it again with Lincoln Financial?

We will accept AML training completed as a registered representative through a broker‐dealer training program. We require a certificate of completion for our records. You can fax your certificate of completion to 603‐226‐5743 or send it via email to The certificate must state the representative’s name, the date of course completion and provider of the training. Furthermore, it must show that the course was specific to anti‐money laundering. If you were not provided a certificate, a letter from your compliance department stating the same information can be faxed. The person writing the letter will need to identify him/herself so that we can verify that it is from an appropriate person within your organization.

I am having problems logging into the LIMRA site. What do I do?

Verify that you are using the correct username by sending an email to Your username is your National Producer Number. Usually, your password is your full last name in lower case letters, until you access the site for the first time and change your password.

LIMRA does not provide a certificate, what should I do?

If you would like to print proof of training for your records, log back into the LIMRA website and print the course status page. This page will show 100% completion when you have successfully completed the training.

I recently took the LIMRA training course. Why did I receive a reminder letter?

It’s possible that you have more than one account with LIMRA. In this case a different username and password would have been used to access and take the training; Lincoln’s file would not show that you completed the course. To inquire and request your accounts be consolidated, contact

Will I receive continuing education (CE) credit?

Continuing education credits are not available for completing the LIMRA anti‐money laundering training. However, LIMRA does offer the opportunity to purchase a program for CE credits. To receive additional information on that option, go to .

LIMRA AML course information

If you are affiliated with a broker-dealer or other financial institution and receive AML training through the entity with which you are affiliated, please review Lincoln's AML Program document listed in the menu box above for details on how to satisfy Lincoln's training requirement.

For questions or comments on our AML program or to report suspicious activity, please contact

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Frequently asked questions


What are the system requirements?
  • Any computer with access to the Internet
  • The LIMRA network will support Macintosh computers when used with Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • Other browsers may not support the course
How do I access the training site?
How do I log in to the LIMRA training?

A unique username is created for each individual to log in to the LIMRA system. Your username is your National Producer Number. Occasionally, LIMRA needs to create a username using different guidelines. In this instance Lincoln will notify you of your unique username. Your password is your entire last name in lowercase letters the first time you log in. When you first log in you will be asked to change your password. Please take note of this information for future reference.

After typing in my username and password, I received the message, “You have entered an invalid username or password.” 

The information that has been entered does not match LIMRA’s list of active accounts. You may have received this message because:

  • Your username and/or password were typed incorrectly. Make sure the caps lock is off and each letter typed is lowercase.
  • If you have entered the LIMRA site previously you would have changed your password. Enter your username with your changed password to log in.
  • For inquiries on how your name was submitted to LIMRA please contact

If the information that you have entered is correct and you continue to receive this message, contact the LIMRA helpdesk at 866‐364‐2380 or

I have logged into the LIMRA training site previously, but have forgotten my password.

Select the forgot your password link to bring up security questions, which, if answered correctly, will allow you into the LIMRA system. If you are still unable to successfully log in, contact the LIMRA helpdesk at 866‐364‐2380 or

When I attempt to log into the system I receive an error message that says “Unexpected error loading application.”

This error message is generated when it has taken longer than expected to log into the LIMRA training site. This may caused by:

  • Your pop‐up blocking software is blocking access to the system. If this is the case, disable your pop‐up blocker and try again.
  • A security warning has been launched, but it is behind the login page. The LIMRA site is secure, and your browser security settings may be set to alert you when you are going to a secure site. This can be resolved by answering the security alert.
  • It took longer than expected to log in, but you actually did log into the system. This often occurs when using a dial‐up connection. Minimize the current window to see if another window launched behind it.

If further problems persist with an error message or you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact the LIMRA helpdesk at 866‐364‐2380 or

How do I begin the course?

The first screen to appear is the home page, which lists the course(s) that you are enrolled in along with a brief description of each course. To begin the course, select the course title. The course title link will take you to the lessons page, which lists the lessons for the course and a brief description of each lesson. It also includes the percentage of completion for each lesson. You may also return to a completed lesson or to one that is already in progress by choosing the course title link. If you are returning to a lesson you started previously, you will be brought to the last screen you were on when you exited the course.

For more information on the course, you can refer to the help section of the CFM Network, which can be accessed by selecting the link in the upper right‐hand corner of the screen once you are logged in.

What course do I need to complete?

If you have not taken an AML course through LIMRA, you will need to complete the base course titled “Anti‐Money Laundering for Insurance Producers” this year. If you have already completed the base course you will be required to complete a renewal course. The 2020 renewal course is titled, “Money-Laundering and Cybercrime – Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Review (2020).”

Do I need to complete the company specific pages of the module?

Yes. In order to satisfy the AML requirement, the company page must be completed in addition to the course. Access the company page and review the information on Lincoln’s AML program.

When I finish the course, will I receive a certificate?

No, there will be no certificate provided by LIMRA. If you would like  documentation for your records, please log back into the system and print the home page, which will show the course as completed, along with the date the course was finished.

How will Lincoln Financial Group be notified that I have completed the LIMRA training?

LIMRA provides Lincoln with updated reports to verify who has completed training. You do not need to provide Lincoln documentation upon completion of the course.