General inquiries

Information about your policy, including policy value, is updated daily. You can review your policy information by doing one of the following:

  • Logging in to your account online.  Log in
  • Contacting your insurance professional. Don’t have an insurance professional? Find an advisor
  • Calling customer service and speaking with a customer service representative.

Deceased policy owner, payor or beneficiary

Note: To report the death of an insured, contact Claims.

It’s important to keep the policy's records current. To initiate a change, please review your current information by logging in to your account online. Log in

Initiate the change by:

  • Printing and faxing, emailing or mailing the Life Address Change and/or the Life Name Change form found here. For contact information, please use the contact information on the form.

For additional questions, please contact:

  • Customer care here and speak with a customer care professional.
  • Your insurance professional. Don’t have an insurance professional? Find an advisor.

Lost policy

  • If your original policy has been misplaced or destroyed, you may obtain a policy certificate that provides proof of insurance.
  • To obtain a copy of your policy, you can also print the Lost Policy Agreement forms here, and fax or mail it to us.
  • For our fax number/mailing addresses or if you need assistance, please contact us via the information on the previous page and use the contact information listed on the form.

Lapsed policy

  • There are several reasons why a life insurance policy may terminate prior to payment of a claim. A policy can lapse or the policy owner may elect to surrender the policy for the cash surrender value.
  • Additionally, some policies are designed to provide protection for a specified length of time and terminate when the time limit expires.

Policy reinstatement (reinstatement of lapsed policy)

  • The policy owner may have the right to apply for a reinstatement of a lapsed policy.
  • Evidence of insurability and a premium payment are usually required for reinstatement consideration.
  • To determine if your policy qualifies, please contact customer service.

Point in time illustration (policy illustration)

  • We encourage you to contact your insurance professional to obtain a "point in time" illustration, also known as a policy illustration.
  • A policy illustration will provide you with information on how your policy may perform over time at the current interest rate and premium. Illustrations can also provide information on how your policy may perform if the following changes occur:
  • Premium payment change
  • Interest rate change
  • Death benefit increase or decrease
  • Loan
  • Withdrawal

To obtain an illustration, please contact your insurance professional. You can also contact customer service.