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Life insurance

Looking for forms, claims or advisor support from Lincoln’s life insurance services team? Find the information you need.

Loss of a loved one

If you've lost a loved one, we'll make filing a claim as simple as possible.

Explore our annuities options.

Explore our life insurance options.


We’ve made it easy for you to file a disability claim. Start the claims process.

Long-term care

Interested in exploring your long-term care options or need to submit a claim? Contact Lincoln’s long-term care team.


View or update your annuities account, make a deposit or ask us a question. Contact Lincoln for annuities support.

Retirement plans

Make changes to your plan or contact us with questions regarding your retirement plan. Explore your Retirement Plan support options.

Employee benefits

Find answers to all of your employee benefit questions from enrollment to administration to claims. Learn more about our employee benefit options.