Add protected income for a stronger plan

Whether you’re already retired or just thinking ahead, you should have a plan.

While stocks, bonds and mutual funds may play a part in your retirement strategy, you may want to consider using a portion of your portfolio to provide protected growth and income that you can’t outlive.

Prepare for market volatility

Participating in the market can help you grow your money to help meet your income goals, but it can also leave you open to the risk of loss.  Lincoln Financial annuities offer benefit options available for an additional cost, that provide opportunities for market growth while reducing downside risk, so you receive the same reliable income regardless of how the market is performing.

Keep your money growing

Even if your savings are secure, inflation causes today’s dollars to become less valuable over time. In fact, at the current rate, a dollar today will be worth less than 50 cents in 36 years.¹ With a Lincoln Financial annuity and added benefits, you’re able to participate in the growth potential of the market and potentially keep pace with inflation.

Anticipate rising costs

Healthcare is one of the largest expenses that retirees must face. The guaranteed income from an annuity can help offset the cost of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, allowing you to dampen the impact of rising healthcare costs and maintain your lifestyle throughout retirement. Some optional benefits also help address long-term care costs.


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Fixed annuities

Safely grow and protect your future income from loss.

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Variable annuities

Keep your savings growing in the market with protection for your future income.

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What type of annuity is right for you?

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