Is your portfolio protected?

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After all your hard work saving for retirement, how can you ensure that a portion of your income is protected in retirement?  

Americans today are living longer than ever, and that may mean you have a 30-year retirement in your future. As you plan for this phase of your life, you may feel more comfortable knowing you have a stream of reliable income in your portfolio. With an annuity, you can receive a protected monthly income for life.

Longevity protection for retirement income

Living past age 90 used to be unusual. But now, about one out of every four 65-year-olds are living into their 90s. As you evaluate your retirement plan, it’s important to consider its longevity potential, or how likely it is to last for your entire retirement. By adding an annuity to the Social Security payments and retirement investments you may already have in your portfolio, you can enjoy a guaranteed income for life, one that won’t run out if you live into your 90s or longer. And that addition can allow you to cross a big concern off your retirement planning checklist.

Market volatility protection

If you’re nearing retirement, you’ve probably seen the stock market move in cycles. It’s important to have a balanced portfolio to help achieve the growth you need but still protect against risk. When you include a reliable income stream from an annuity in your income plan, you and your loved ones may be better able to tolerate market downturns that affect other parts of your portfolio.  

Talk to your financial advisor and learn more about how an annuity may fit into a retirement income plan that helps ensure you never run out of money.