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Maintain your lifestyle

Imagine feeling certain about your retirement and your lifestyle with a source of protected monthly income that you can’t outlive.

Meet Bob and Maria

Bob and Maria's situation

Now that we are both retired, we want to know that we won’t outlive our savings. We want to enjoy retirement together, knowing that we can afford to maintain our lifestyle for the rest of our lives.

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Bob and Maria's concerns

Will our savings last for as long as we need it? What will changes in the financial markets mean for our retirement income? How can we enjoy spending our savings, yet stay confident that we won’t outlive our money?

Discuss three questions with your financial professional when considering your retirement income plan:

  1. Which of my retirement income sources are guaranteed, and which may run out?
  2. How long do I need my income to last?
  3. How much of my savings can I afford to lose in a market downturn?
Bob and Maria's annuity solution

After working with our financial professional, we decided to put a portion of our savings into an annuity with a joint income benefit. For an additional cost, we will get protected retirement income every month for as long as one of us is alive to enjoy it.

Now, we can be spontaneous and do nice things for our family without wondering if our savings will last.  

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