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Retire on your timeline

You want to reach retirement without surprises. Adding protected growth from an annuity may help you get there.

Meet Patricia

Patricia’s situation

I was surprised when I calculated how much income I would need to retire comfortably. I’m investing as much as I can to keep my money growing, but what will happen when the market dips?

Learn how long your income may need to last in retirement

Patricia’s concerns

To maintain my lifestyle in retirement, I need my savings to grow, but I have also seen how quickly my account is reduced by a downturn. How do I add security without giving up potential growth?

Discuss three questions with your financial professional when considering your retirement income plan:

  1. Which of my retirement income sources are guaranteed, and which may run out?
  2. How long do I need my income to last?
  3. How much of my savings can I afford to lose in a market downturn? 


Patricia’s annuity solution

I worked with my financial professional, and together we decided to put some of my savings into an annuity. It provides protected monthly income and a safeguard in case the market stumbles. Now I feel more confident in my path to retirement. 

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