Lincoln Core IncomeSM, built with iShares Suite

Reliable income you can count on

Like many investors approaching retirement, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll maintain a steady stream of income once you stop working. While diversifying investments is important for growth, so is diversifying your income for cash flow.

Adding Lincoln Core IncomeSM, built with iShares to your overall income strategy will give you a known source of reliable income for life that increases with a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) each year to help maintain your lifestyle.


A circle with a check mark. Beneath it reads, Lifetime income solution built with low-cost iShares ETFs portfolios

Cost effective

Lifetime income solution built with low cost iShares ETFs portfolios

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Guaranteed lifetime income

4%, guaranteed

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Rising income for life

Income increases 3% every year

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Access to your money

No surrender charge


Performance information

Review performance information for Nationwide version of Lincoln Core IncomeSM.

All guarantees, including those for optional features, are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

Bringing ETFs and lifetime income together

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) made investing simple, cost-efficient and transparent for investors. As a result, their popularity has more than tripled over the past five years. Lincoln Core IncomeSM is built exclusively with ETFs, allowing investors who like the benefits of ETFs to pair them with a variable annuity that offers guaranteed lifetime income.

Lincoln iShares ETFs portfolios range in fees from 0.28% to 0.29% as of January 31, 2017.

The use of low cost /cost effective is based on a comparison by Morningstar, as of 5/31/2017, between Lincoln iShares ETFs portfolios which range in fees from 0.26% to 0.29% as of May 1, 2018 and Morningstar VA sub account universe open to new assets (current) - average annual net expense ratio for open to new assets 0.76%.

Lincoln Core IncomeSM is available for 1.60%, which includes the Guarantee of Principal death benefit, 0.75%, and the rider charge of 0.85% (single or joint). The maximum annual rider charge is 1.50%. The rider charge may not change until the earlier of five years or the first Core Income Payment. Charges and fees could change in the future.

Products and features are subject to state availability.

New York product

To decide if a variable annuity is right for you, consider that its value will fluctuate; it is subject to investment risk and possible loss of principal. All guarantees, including those for optional features, are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer. Limitations and conditions apply. 

Creating a known source of lifetime income

Unlike the income you may receive from your workplace retirement plan or other investments, Lincoln Core IncomeSM gives you the ability to know exactly how much you’ll receive for as long as you live. The income is guaranteed to go up every year regardless of performance, thanks to the 3% COLA.

Income in action 

Client, 55 years old | $100,000 initial investment | Waits 10 years before taking income

The income at 65 is based on 4% of your account value1 or 4% of the initial investment growing at the 3% COLA each year, whichever is greater. No account value growth is assumed for this illustration, resulting in a starting income amount of $5,376.2

Income payments increase every year by 3% for life.

Your beneficiaries are also covered thanks to an included Guarantee of Principal death benefit.3​

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1Core Income Payments (CIP) are available at age 60, based on the youngest spouse for the joint life option. If income begins between ages 60 – 64, the CIP is reduced by 25%. For joint life, the CIP is reduced by 25% upon the death of the first spouse. Withdrawals prior to age 60 will reduce the CIP proportionally, see prospectus for details. 
2$5,376 is net of all applicable max fees and charges. 
3CIP and allowable withdrawals equal to 4% of account value on the most recent contract anniversary reduce the death benefit dollar-for-dollar. Amounts in excess would reduce it proportionally.

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Introducing iRetire®

It's time to reframe the retirement problem. iRetire® helps you focus on the number that really matters: The income you could have each year in retirement.

To learn more, reach out to your advisor to create an iRetire® plan to show how Lincoln Core IncomeSM , built with iShares can help provide more certainty in reaching your retirement income goals.