Lincoln Lifetime Income SM Advantage 2.0

5.00% lifetime income with nursing home enhancement

Lincoln Lifetime Income Advantage 2.01, an optional living benefit rider available for an additional charge with a Lincoln variable annuity, gives investors:

  • 5.00% protected lifetime income at age 65 (4.50% joint)
  • Protected Income Base grows annually at the greater of 5% simple or account value growth
  • Tax-deferral during accumulation for greater growth potential
  • Protection for beneficiaries with a dollar-for dollar Guarantee of Principal death benefit
  • Nursing home enhancement increases withdrawals to 10% starting at age 702
  • Option to take income using Lincoln’s patented, tax-efficient solution: i4LIFE® Advantage Guaranteed Income Benefit
This chart shows how Lincoln Lifetime IncomeSM Advantage 2.0 works—providing guaranteed growth and protected income for life.

(3-10 years) is the time to let money grow for your future. An annuity offers tax-deferred growth.

This hypothetical example does not reflect a specific investment. The Protected Income Base is used to calculate the income amount. The Protected Income Base equals the account value at election; however, while the account value fluctuates with the market, the Protected Income Base grows with annual lock-in opportunities and is reduced by excess withdrawals.

You can transition from Lincoln Lifetime Income SM Advantage 2.0 to i4LIFE® Advantage Guaranteed Income Benefit for an additional income option.

Variable annuities are long-term investment products that offer a lifetime income stream, access to leading investment managers, options for guaranteed growth and income (available for an additional charge), and death benefit protection.

To decide if a variable annuity is right for you, consider that its value will fluctuate; it’s subject to investment risk and possible loss of principal; and there are costs associated such as mortality and expenses, administrative and advisory fees.